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Pounding the People with Free Information:

Radio Jaghori Opens in Ghazni Province

 The sounds of a free and blossoming press are now being propelled off a hill in Ghazni Province from where Mujahideen fighters were once launching rockets. The building housing Radio Jaghori, in Jaghori District, once housed a faction of these fighters during the civil war in the 1990s. Later a Taliban spy post where locals were tortured, the building has now been resurrected by the media and stands as a symbol of free thought in Afghanistan. 

 Internews, with its partner, Future Generation, opened the station in early January. Future Generation works on sustainable development through vocational institutes and professional trainings such as this radio station. Four staff and seven volunteers produce five programs, including Nama ha wa Ahangha Shuma (Your Letters and Your Songs), a program designed to facilitate dialogue within the community. The station also plays a selection of programs from the Tanin initiative. It plans to add programs on culture and poetry, education, sports and business in the next few weeks.

 Broadcasting on 93.5 kHz FM, Radio Jaghori can be heard for 10 hours every day. With Salaam Watandar, the daily four-hour national cycle of programming produced by Internews in Kabul, and in-house productions, the people of Jaghori are now connecting with the rest of Afghanistan and receiving news to make informed decisions about their futures. Radio Jaghoris signal reaches an estimated 30,329 people in and around this remote district.

 Funded by the United States Agency for International Development, Radio Jaghori joins the Internews-assisted network of 29 radio stations around Afghanistan, broadcasting to eight and a half million people. For more information, contact Sanjar Qiam at +93 70 277 071, sanjar@internews.org.

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