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Kamran Mir Hazar        Letter to Editor


International Campaign to fight illiteracy in Afghanistan

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Mr. President of Afghanistan:

A national program against illiteracy should start immediately aiming to eliminate illiteracy in the country within five years. Human beings will not develop without science and knowledge. We would like you to learn from those countries poorer than Afghanistan that fought illiteracy successfully and start immediately.



1. Everybody can sign this letter regardless your activity, nationality and religion.

2. We will send the letter with all the signatures to the President of Afghanistan.

3. After signing the letter please post it to post box 3219, Kabul or you may sign directly in www.kabulpress.org

4. To support this campaign or getting further information you may contact Kamran Mir Hazar at:


Mobile number: 0093 799 390 025

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KabulPress.org: Why not put fighting and illiteracy as a top priority in the country because when you fight with illiteracy you can fight with security problems and ensure the continued security in the country. You know that the military actions are not permanent solutions because in the future we wont have the assistance of the international community and troops in the country, so if we fight with illiteracy in the country we can ensure the security forever in the country.

Tom Koenigs, Special Representative of the Secretary-General in Afghanistan:

I certainly put capacity development in the first place of the development aid. It has been one of the main successes of the new government and the international community in their support to have so many schools built and so many classes built. I think the effort of fighting the illiteracy beyond the schools are super important. In the south quite a number of schools are attacked. One of the threats of the Taliban is to return to illiteracy and a lack of schools for girls. That is what people definitely dont want and that is why wherever a school is burnt the international community and the government try and reestablish it as soon as possible. If we look at the statistics we have on average one attack everyday on a school in Afghanistan. That shows us that we have to deal with both, the security situation and the educational situation. I agree that the role of the community in defending their school, their institutions of education is very important. This is one element of the recommendation that we, the international community, and the Afghan government should much more cooperate with the local authorities, the local Shuras, the community. So the defense against the Taliban is not only military but a multi-faceted, multi-area effort and to having a long term goal that every Afghan has a right to be able to write and to read.

 Kabul Press (10/07/006): More than 1500 journalists, writers, intellectuals and poets from all parts of the world have signed the letter to president of Afghanistan. Most of them have signed on the paper and some on the net. Also there are some members of Afghan parliament who joint the international campaign against illiteracy in Afghanistan.

  • Ambassador of France in Afghanistan has joint the campaign too.

  • Dear Friends, We are very pleased to learn that you started an initiative in your country to raise awareness on the need to eliminate illiteracy which is in fact an important obstacle to human and social development. Part of Paulo Freires legacy is exactly the conviction that literacy and education is empowering people to transform themselves and their society. Paulo Freires legacy is also alive in civil society movements such as your initiative to create a literate and educated society in Afghanistan. Learning from other countries experience will be as important as creating your own approach to learning
    and literacy which needs to be adjusted to the specific context, historical moment, peoples needs and interests and existing possibilities and opportunities. We are convinced that you will be able to contribute significantly to this process with your campaign and we hereby offer you
    with whatever support necessary within our modest possibilities. ....

Yours sincerely,
Moacir Gadotti

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