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The Danish people have tried to stop the cartoons

 Jens Mørch

Jyllands Posten - the newspaper that started the debate about Freedom of Expression, has constantly refused to publish the words of its many critics.

DK-2, a Danish organization for democracy and media, has for many months criticized the now world famous newspaper, Jyllands Posten, for having published the cartoons of the holy prophet Muhammad. However, the newspaper has rejected all articles from DK-2. Likewise Jyllands Posten has also rejected many other readers' letters and articles, which were sent by organizations and individual Danes criticizing and condemning the cartoons.

"This is absolutely not an issue of freedom of expression; it is rather an intended offence against a whole group of people. The fact that the Danish people and the whole of Denmark have to pay the costs of such offence is highly grotesque and deeply unfair, both to the Muslims and to the Danes," says the chairman of DK-2, Jens Mørch. The purpose of freedom of expression is to allow the voices of weak groups to be heard, but in this case was misused by a big newspaper to serve its own campaign.

Many Danes have sharply distanced themselves from the cartoons, even long before Danish products were boycotted and Danish interests threatened.  Danes have taken initiative in collecting signatures condemning these cartoons. There have been street demonstrations headed by Danish personalities from within the church and the cultural circles condemning Jyllands Posten and the cartoons.

"Jyllands Posten has on many occasions exploited its powerful position to bring unneeded provocations. As an example the newspaper has been behind a massive and false campaign against the state-owned TV channel, DR-2, accusing the channel of manipulation and lack of independency as to the choice of its sources, although many Danes are convinced that it is Jyllands Posten itself that lacks neutrality and lacks respect for others," adds the chairman of DK-2.

"The Danish people find it very unfair and unjust that it is they who have been punished because of the newspaper's publication of the cartoons. The Danes are very frustrated of Jyllands Posten, and they are fed up by the fact, that this newspaper has so dramatically affected their good relations with Muslims and other friends and colleagues and in the whole world. It is absolutely wrong and unfair to make this a general issue to include all the Danes. You must not let yourselves be misled by new lies from the international media and the distortion of facts," advises DK-2 in Denmark.

"As it appears, the western world failed to take into consideration that we cannot just tackle all issues by writing in the name of freedom of expression, and there are obviously neither laws nor conventions which take into account such type of unneeded foolishness, as is the case with the Danish newspaper Jyllands Posten," says Jens Mørch.

"There is now a huge task waiting to be worked with in the name of globalization, among this is to revise the system in the western world in a way that human values are also taken into consideration. I hope that this case has taught us all that respect is to be shown towards each and every human, not only on paper, but also in words, in pictures and in acts," adds the chairman of DK-2.

In the name of the Danish people, we wholeheartedly convey to you our sincere apology.

 Jens Mørch

Chairman of DK-2

Editor, advisor and writer


 The Danes respect all kind of people, religions and prophets. (Photo: DK-2 / Jerry Bergman)

 Photos can freely and without costs be used in connection with the herewith

story and DK-2.

 Further information


 DK-2 (Democracy and Media NGO)

Valseholmen 14

DK 2650 Hvidovre / Copenhagen


  DK-2 s paragraph - aim

 The aim of DK-2 is to engage the democratic forces in dialogue, across

national, political, religious, economical, profession and constitutional

sectors, and this for the benefit of common interests and the individual

responsibilities, opportunities and rights.

 DK-2 will inform, through all types of Medias, about the aspects of society,

which works against or brings harm against the democratic process.

DK-2 will contribute to a more simple, actual, up-to-date and credible


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