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Dear Editor Kabul press,

I am receiving your publication regularly through email; and viewing   with a great interest and admiration However, in your recent publication you have copied a carton of our beloved Prophet (PBUH) from Jylands-Posten newspaper, made me sadden and outraged. You know the callous and feeble cartoon, cooked up as a provocation by a conservative newspaper exploiting the general Muslim prohibition on images of their beloved Prophet (PBUH) to score cheap points about freedom of _expression. The Muslims worldwide reject the argument that freedom of _expression grants the right to insult their Prophet. 


The Muslims see depiction of their revered Prophet act of blasphemy   and condemn it vociferously. Also you saw the backlash of these cartoons and the reactions they have sparked across the Muslim hemisphere, many have conjectured, symbolize the confrontation between two irreconcilable value systems, one based on the Enlightenment tradition, the other clinging to religious dogma. The Muslims in gurnard and Afghan in particular never allow any person or organization to mock of their religion and beloved Prophet.

Once again, I condemn the depiction of this carton in your Internet site in strong words and term and ask you to make supplication before Allah  Almighty

Thank you


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