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Kamran Mir Hazar        Letter to Editor


                Abdul Rahman


                          Letters from Kabul Press American readers


Dear Editor,

This is something that has always confused me about Islam.  If Islam is the Truth, why does Islam call for people who disagree to be killed or imprisoned?  If it is the Truth, people will flock to it. 

As a Christian, serving the One True Creator, I read in our scripture that Almighty God will take vengeance and that we should treat our enemies with love (Romans 12:18-20).  Almighty God, or as Islam says, the God of Christianity doesn't need me, a lowly human, to defend Him.  He is God, Creator of Heaven, Earth, Time and Space.

Chris King
Tennessee Sales
Metals Representatives

To all Afghan people.

 It is with great sadness that I read the world news. To read that a civilized nation of free people could consider beheading a peaceful family man because he chooses a religion other than what some cleric declares as correct. I respect Islam, as well as any other religion because I have never personally spoken to the great architect of our universe and he has not personally told me his name. It might be Allah, Jesus or another... I believe it is Jesus and God, but I am not going to behead one of gods children because they may feel differently.


I have not lived in your country nor walked in your shoes, but to execute someone for this "crime" as you call it is deplorable. Allah will judge you at the gates of heaven and you shall burn in hell forever if you carry out this murder in the name of Islam. Have you so easily forgotten the Taliban? Do you read your Koran and independently form your own opinions as to the message contained therein?


Your country is not the only one with religious psycopaths. Here in America we have had our share in the past and will probably have to endure more in the future. Here we are free thinkers and can/will form our own opinions about the Holy Koran, Holy Bible or any other religious scroll. 


As it is said in the Christian Holy Bible, "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone"... I challenge you, the people of Afganistan, to search your souls and in your very next prayer to Allah ask him to punish all who have ever sinned with the same punishment that Abdul Rahman receives. For he who judges shall also one day too be judged and justice will be swift.


All people of Afganistan remember this, you are only a free people today because of the many gallons of Christian blood spilled on your soil to defeat those who imprisoned you for many decades with religious extremism.


The world and Allah is watching.....



Gods Servant

M. Sterling


Dear Mr. Kamran Mir Hazar:

Attached is my letter to Ambassador Jawad. Thank you for serving your country by being an editor who believes in freedom of press.
Pamela Palmer

To His Excellency Said T. Jawad,

I am an American and a Christian and a woman, I have watched and prayed for the Afghan people, as they have been going through the difficult process of becoming a Democracy. I have rejoiced with the Afghan women as they won the freedom to vote and have an education.  I wholeheartedly support the Afghan people as they have written their own Constitution. What an incredible freedom that is!

One of the greatest strengthens of any Democracy is for the citizens to have the freedom to worship as they believe; to have "no compulsion in religion"; to extend tolerance when others believe differently. We will always represent our Creator the best, when we value Human Life with dignity. Anytime a government de-values Human Life, we represent God inappropriately. I want to appeal to you and to the Afghan people to embrace the wonderful freedom of religion and freedom of ideas that Democracies around the world enjoy!

Please intervene on behalf of Abdul Rahman. I implore you and your government to not execute a man for his religious beliefs. I ask you to do this because I deeply believe it is the righteous action to take; to value Human Life and Freedom of religion, as more important than religious disagreement.

Several of my long-time neighbors are Muslim. I have home-movies of our children playing together over the years; Laughing, talking, enjoying life side-by-side in peace. They are all almost grown now. We have raised our children as devout Christians; and they have raised their children as devout Muslims. We have "agreed to disagree" on matters of religion, but we are a testimony to people of different faiths living in peace with one another. I want to humbly encourage the Afghan people to embrace the same, so that peace and freedom can spread around the world and bring greater glory to God.

Thank you for taking the time to read my email.




Pamela Palmer


Dominic and Pam Palmer


Kabul Press
 Dear Sir or Madam:

      I am writing as a Christian and as an American to demand that
so-called 'heresy' charges be dropped immediately against Afghan citizen
Mr. Abdul Rahman age,41, a convert to Christianity.  The whole idea of
even charging Mr. Abdul Rahman with these charges is illegal under the
United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  Furthermore, if
Mr. Rahman is sentenced to death or a term in prison, this will greatly
erode the support for Afghanistan by many people in the United States
and elsewhere for democracy and continued financial assistance to its
government.  This one incident, in short, would have very severe
repercussions if carried through to a trial and possible sentence and I,
therefore, urge the government of Afghanistan in no uncertain terms to drop
the case against
Mr. Abdul Rahman and to have any so-called 'heresy' laws stricken from
its constitution.  Thank you.


James H. Bennett

Brooklyn, NY  USA


Dear Kamran Mir Hazar
I ask you to take positive Journalistic action, to the degree possible, in the case of an Afghani national.  This morning I read about the case of Abdul Rahman, who will die, if convicted, for choosing to become a Christian. Mr. Rahman has been a Christian for over 16 years and after refusing to convert back it Islam his life is in danger.   As a  US Veteran and patriot for choice and democracy, we have to continue to evolve and grow democracy in Afghanistan.  This trial of Mr. Rahman seems to be wrong.  The Laws must be changed.  Where is the freedom for Mr. Rahman?  Please, We must act.  What may I do to help you and your position to save Mr. Rahman and others who wish to be free to choose their conscience?
Let me Know.
Kevin Curfman
Columbia, SC, USA


Dear Editor:

I am writing to your newspaper to inform you that I am completely disgusted and outraged by the pending execution of Abdul Rahman, whose only crime is being a Christian and daring to say so out loud.  I am not a religious person, but being a religious person is not a crime.  Allowing people to worship as they wish, or not worship at all, is something that your nation will have to develop in order to join the modern world, and leave the dark ages of intolerance, cruelty, backwardness, and ignorance behind.  Now is the time for your nation to begin to become a legitimate part of the world. 


As a citizen of the United States, I will do everything in my power to pressure my representatives in government to cease any and all financial and other aid to Afghanistan if this execution is carried out.  If you, your government, and your fellow Afghanis wish to behave in the manner of a rogue state, then do not expect the kindness and financial aid that is paid for with our tax dollars. 


And finally, your nation and religion are providing a very negative example of what it means to be a Muslim.  It will be a disgrace to Islam if Abdul Rahman is murdered. 


Curt Olson

Los Angeles, CA, USA



Dear Editor;

I am astonished at the barbaric application of the law against 'apostasy' by Muslims in your country.  Didn't your government recognize the freedom to worship as one pleases in your constitution?  Didn't they include the statement on human rights from the UN that every person is entitled to believe as they wish and to switch religions if they so desire? Didn't your prophet himself say: 'There is no compulsion in religion'?


How can this man be prosecuted, then, and the death penalty be considered for an act of freedom to which he is guaranteed the right to?  This is simply outrageous on the part of your country and is viewed with horror by sane people all over the world, especially Americans.


I can speak with assurance that we didn't send our sons and daughters over to your country to liberate you from one barbaric regime, simply to see another one take its place.


Do you realize that this prosecution against Abdul Rahman is a slap in the face and an outright insult to my country, since most of our citizens are Christians.  And now you want to execute a man who wants to become one also?  What kind of a message does this send to the US and the world?


One prosecutor involved in this stated that Mr. Rahman's conversion to Christianity is an 'attack on Islam' and therefore cannot be allowed.  How silly this is!  Is Islam so weak and troubled that one man's decision to leave it is an 'attack'? 


Don't you realize that attitudes like this only furthers the stereotype of Islam an an intolerant and violent religion?  If your religion were more confident in itself, then the actions of free men and women in and out of it would not worry you one bit.  The value of one's faith cannot be very high when it is forced under fear of death. 


Stop worrying so much about 'attacks' on your religion.  These attacks are actually coming from your own actions of intolerance against human rights which show the rest of the world that Islam is a religion to be avoided at all costs.


Free this man at once and eliminate this barbaric provision from your laws!  Then and only then will your country stand equal with the rest of the world in recognizing basic human rights.




Mary Moylan

Michigan - USA


Letter to Editor


Dear Editor:

Afghanistan has a chance to show the world that it is ready to lead the world in the sane application of Islam.  The West is watching: Free Abdul Rahman.


Washington, DC



Letter to Editor

Abdul Rahman

Dear Editor,

I am writing to express my extreme displeasure and that of many other Americans regarding the trial of Abdul Rahman, taking place presently in Kabul.  As I understand it, Mr. Rahman faces possible execution for the simple "crime" of converting to Christianity.  Fundamental to any free and democratic society - for which, I might note, brave Americans have spilled blood on Afghani soil - is the freedom of individual conscience.  It is intolerable that a state that wishes friendly terms with the United States of America should maintain standards of ideological totalitarianism that warrant death for merely claiming the name of Jesus Christ.


This is an injustice.  Abdul Rahman must be exonerated immediately, and Afghanistan must end this barbaric practice of murdering converts to Christianity.  Whatever appropriateness or popularity the practice may have seemed to possess in the 7th century is decidedly outdated.



Brian G. Mattson

Proud Citizen, U.S.A.

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