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Kamran Mir Hazar        Letter to Editor

National Crimes Squad Arrests

Afghan suspect of War Crimes

Friday, the 31st of March, the Dutch National Crimes Squad  arrested the former vice-director of the Afghan Military Intelligence (Khad-e-Nezami) in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Abdullah F. (age 56) applied for asylum in the Netherlands in 1994. The Immigration and Naturalisation Services (INS) denied him an asylum status, because he was suspected of having been involved in war crimes and human rights violations. In the year 2000 the INS-file was handed over to the Public Prosecutors.

Last Friday Abdullah F.  and his spouse intended to cross the border illegally to Germany. Abdullah F. held no passport and could not legally leave the Netherlands. Immediately after the arrest the house of Abdullah F. was searched in Rotterdam. During this search documents, photo and video material was seized, the material will be investigated by the National Crimes Squad for evidence.

The investigation by the National Crimes Squad has led to indications that justify a suspicion of war crimes and torture.

A number of witnesses in Afghanistan has recently made burdening testimonies  to investigators of the National Crime Squad relating to Abdullah F.

During the eighties Abdullah F. was the vice-director of Afghan military intelligence services. According to a statement of Abdullah F him self, he was responsible for activities that opposed the former communist regime in Afghanistan.

Monday, the 10th of April, Abdullah F. was ordered to remain in pre-trial detention.

The National Crimes Squad has previously investigated the former head of the Afghan military intelligence and the head of the interrogation department within the military intelligence in Kabul. Last year both men have been convicted by  the Court of Justice in The Hague to penalties of imprisonment of 12 and 9 years.

The investigation of international crimes as war crimes, genocide, and torture is conducted

under the authority of the National Office of the Public Prosecution Service by a unit  of the National Crimes squad of the National Police Agency. 

With the investigation and prosecution of international crimes the Dutch government wishes to point out, nationally and internationally,  that the Netherlands is not a country of refuge for war criminals. It is of the greatest necessity that the international community is prepared to investigate and prosecute crimes as genocide, war crimes and torture, so war criminals can not find a safe haven in the Netherlands nor elsewhere.



For victims and other persons that can and are willing to provide information on this matter, i.c. the Afghan Military Intelligence (khad-e-Nezami) or Abdullah F. please feel free to contact the Dutch National Crimes Squad at internationalcrimesunit@klpd.politie.nl

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