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Kamran Mir Hazar        Letter to Editor

The suggestion plan of Dr.Ramazan Bashardost to take first steps toward deployment of Security


 In exceptional situation, taking exceptional measures, implementation, speech and actions are needed. Afghanistan is in such a situation today and people are floundering between dying and existence, hope and disappointment. To victory the existence on dying and achievement the hope to disappointment, the representative of people must resolve decisively in the following sections based on the public interest of Afghanistan and take necessary and quick measures to implement them if they are the real agent of people in Parliament and claim responsibility in God and people.

 A) In political section:

  1. Application of National council (parliament) from president to declare a state of emergency according to article 143 of Afghanistan constitution.

  2. Quick abeyance of all ministers, minister advisors, senior and simple advisors of president and ministers, deputy ministers, head of commissions and governmental organizations, provincial governors, chief of police and district governors who are accused to bribery, defalcation and administrative corruption by anti- bribery commission, inspection organizations, prosecuting attorney and national security office and deliver their cases to attorney general in order to complete these cases in one month and even if necessary send them directly to supreme court and supreme court must declare sentence  in one month.

  3. Quick abeyance of all governmental staff who are accused to arrogating the public belongings or private properties and establishment a department to collect documents and witnesses for their trial and also arrest all who ordered slaughtering sinless people by the name of protection from religion, ethnic groups, language or past regimes (kingdom, democracy, communism, Islam) or those who have been protecting the murderers.

  4. Quick announcement the list of governmental staffs that are accused to farming and trafficking poppies , hang them from their positions and deliver their cases to prosecuting attorney.

  5.  Valuation the real prize of Shirpur lands and investigating the construction funds of mansions in which are built.

  6. Open all the streets and roads and removal all the roadblock which are made in front of embassies, UN offices, Hotels, commercial centers and personal building of War and Western princes.

  7. Close the private and foreign jails.

  8. Repatriate the families of high ranking official from outside the country in 2 months otherwise eviction these officials.

  9. Sell outdoors unmovable belongings of these officials.

 B) In military section

  1. Appointment of one minister to head both ministry of interior affairs and ministry of defense.

  2. Convincing and mobilizing all professional military persons and Mojahidins into Afghan National Army, Afghan Nation Police and national security office up to provision of security and peace in country.

  3. compulsion the active service according to article 55 of constitution

  4. Train the employed soldiers of ANA as  especial forces  to defuse the terror mission outside the country , arrest and transfer the perpetrators and if necessary eliminate them outside the country

  5. Prevention labeling the local police and local militia as ANA or ANP.

  6. equipping the ANA and ANP with modern and high quality  military equipments

  7. Absolute prevention of contracting and submission of low-quality ordnance by governmental authorities.

  8. Absolute prevention of searching Afghan houses by foreign soldiers and repose it to Afghan soldiers.

  9. Deletion the operative budgets of provincial and district governors and consumption of these budgets to public welfare projects.

  10. Asking cooperation from global society's intelligence especially U.S.A directly with the national security office of Afghanistan.


C)  In economical section:

  1. Temporarily prevention of entrance the foreign workers to Afghanistan and give priority to Afghan workers and technicians in all economical sections especially construction fields.

  2. In order to reinforcement of domestic products, heavy taxes must be constituted on  all imported foreign merchandises which the same merchandise are produced inside although domestic produced merchandise are in low quality .

  3. Prevention of transferring the movable belongings outdoors and channelize them toward investment indoors.

  4. Disconnection the electricity from private homes, restaurants and business centers during the day and transfer this electricity to production fabricates.

  5.  Disconnection the 24 hours electricity and distribute it fairly among all people.

  6. Quick distribution the expropriated governmental/private land to investor's especially domestic investors in order to birth fabricates.

  7. Assignment of 5000 to 6000 afs. Salaries to people with disability, retired and family of martyrdoms.

  8. Establishment of an organization to find the real number of governmental staff, contracted staff, retired, people with disability and family of martyrdoms.

  9. Payment of 60000 afs. as blood money to the family of military/civil staff who are killed to defense the country and 40000 afs to casualties.

  10. Assignment of salary for all governmental staff (from minister to cleaner) from 7000 to 30000 afs.

  11. Prevention the payment of salary which is paid to governmental staff by embassies, NGOs, UN offices etc.

  12. Assignment of advanced tax on salaries especially on salaries of advisors, engineers and foreign contracts.

  13. Prevention of tax on imported food materials and increase taxes on imported luxury merchandises.

  14. Giving priority to constructing the dams in order to cultivate the barren lands instead of construction the roads.

  15. Break all banking and financial relationship with those banks which are accused to cooperation with terrorist groups.

  16. Cancellation the increase of prizes especially electricity, local transportation tickets, tariffs which are not ratified by parliament.

  17. Prevention the   family of president, ministers, parliament members, provincial and district governors from economical, commercial and financial activities.

  18. Cancellation of those NGOs which are accused to defalcation and misuse the money of poor Afghans.

  19. Paying enough money to mosque's clergymen.

 E):  In administrative section:

  1. Quick cancellation the commission of administrative reforms and delivers this responsibility to the deputy of each ministry.

  2. Stop decreasing the civil governmental staff.

  3. Register the movable and unmovable belongings of civil and military staff of government.

  4. Absolute prevention the introducing of new employee by ethnic, military and religious leaders.

  5. Employment the new staff based on their expertise, experience and commitment after taking a test by professional cadre of each ministry.

 F): In cultural section:

  1. Extension and advertisement the culture of coming to power by people's election not war and killing the people.

  2. Extension and advertisement the culture of peace instead of culture of violence and vendetta.

  3. Extension and advertisement the culture of piety, commitment and tolerance the opposite ideas.

  4. Encouragement and financial - inner supports of school and religious teachers.

 G): in diplomatic section:

  1. Absolute stop the policy of American cigarette and Russian match.

  2. Close the embassy of Pakistan, Iran, India, Russia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and China and open up just one consulate of each mentioned countries.

  3. Non-signing the Economic, financial and commercial cooperative contracts with the mentioned countries until deployment of security and establish a powerful government in Afghanistan.

  4. Generation, development and spread the economical, cultural and commercial relationship with neutral Islamic countries like: Indonesia, Malaysia and Asian developed countries like Singapore and Latin American and African countries and small European counties as well.

  5. Application to change the leadership of the embassy of America, England, France, Italy, Holland, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Japan, Korea and Turkey.

  6. Application to change the  representative of general secretary of United Nations in Afghanistan and leadership of UN organizations in Afghanistan like: WFP, UNHCR, UNOPS, UNDP etc.

  7. Full-scale and decisive support from measures of international society especially NATO to provision security and peace.


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