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Kamran Mir Hazar        Letter to Editor

Open and Clear Robbery

Interview of Kabul press with Dr. Ramazan Bashardust member of Afghan Parliament


Minister of Water and Energy Mr. Esmaiel khan, minister of Aviation and

Transportation Mr. Jawed, minister of Finance Mr. Ahady several past months

Have decided to increase price of flash, price of national bus ticket and increase of customs

Toll of vehicles and declared that able to execution. This is clear failure of Afghanistan's

Constitution. Because in article of 42, second vertebra of constitution came as this:

None kind of finance and product legislate without order of law. So according to Constitution dependent ministers didn't have authority of increase of costs and don't.

They just had authority of suggestion of legislation via government.

(97th article of constitution) suggestions of dependent ministers must to refer to ministers

Assembly and after approval of that by cabinet was referred to the Parliament. if Parliament ( Senate and lower house ) approved increase of these costs, after approval of that by President and publishing of that in an official Journal in that way that was able to execution. But dependent ministers have overlooked the Parliament's authority completely, in fact the increase of costs and it's laws is a kind of clear robbery of people's incomings from side of government, at the same time I offered plan of a law by having  the signature of ten Advocates according to article of 97th of vertebrae of 7 that at it's  first  article I've urged the cancellation of increase of perversely  of costs. And at second article I wanted the lower house to interpolate the dependent ministers because of failure of Constitution. This plan of law was written in lower house's agenda and discussed but unfortunately members of lower house gave this plan to commission over. Anyway, I warned that the lower house commissions also will have the destiny of commissions that  Mr. Karzai has made .after several months, nowadays we see  in action that the dependent commissions of lower house don't have any discoveries like government's commissions must to increase as I said in Afghanistan's lower house that if increase of these costs won't pay by people,  from sight of legal they don't commit any crime and lawfully must not followed. Turn off people's flash because of lack of payment is also against the law.

This is interesting that Afghanistan's constitution even doesn't give this authority to the Parliament to approve one law that is adverse of social justice. Because vertebrae of 3 of 42nd article say: the size of finance and product and the method of its passing determine regard of social justice by law. The government employees and newcomers with a salary of 3000Afghani and the monthly salary of 4000Afghani for disabled and the survivors of martyrs that isn't enough just to buy bread for one month, so how can they bear this increase of government's prices.          


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