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Kamran Mir Hazar        Letter to Editor

Slap of Kabul people to face of martial princes

Allocation discussion of Kabul press with Dr. Ramazan Bashardust Advocate of Kabul people in Afghanistan

Kabul press: in the gathering of Friday 2007, 23rd of February was it a defeat or a success for Afghanistan warlike leaders at Kabul Stadium?


Dr. Ramazan Bashardust: one of the speakers of this gathering on it-self interview with public Medias on Thursday 2007, 22nd of February clear declared that we expect for gathering of 100,000 people of Kabul in stadium. But at this gathering according to statistics of public Medias, from 10,000 up to 25,000 people have participated. According to the mention of one of this gathering leaders Mr. Imaq the Kabul past mayor in interview of B.B.C at seven o'clock on Friday from 30,000 up to 40,000 people participated at stadium. So these people own admit that Kabul people changed their hopes to despair, and negative answered to their invitation. From one side and other side according to the final numbers of parliamentary elections just Mr. Muhaqeq (50,000), Mr. Qanuny (31,000), Mr. Sayaf (6000), Mr. Kazemy lower than (10,000) vote have got. That totally of their votes is about (97,000) votes. Friday by all of publicities that they had via public Medias and traveling cars with their large pictures and powerful stereos and their own physical participation in this gathering to their own admit they could not gather over (50,000) people. It means those who people have voted to them, more than half of them and finally the throng of Kabul is around four million people.

This own shows falling over (50,000) people. It means those who people voted to them, more than half of them were repentant. It's a big fiasco for them and finally the population of Kabul is around four million people. If from these four million, there are one million children and old people, approximately three million people were able to participate in this gathering.  However whole of the martial princes during one week were mobilized and brought their force and assets in use and even have taken Mazary and Massoud, s pictures as their shield could not besiege over (40,000) of them from three million Kabul residents for their own support according to their saying then we according to their saying means (4,000) people that is feasible to be very puffy just we do a mathematical and logical decision-making. This a big and historic fiasco for them if we survey from 10 up to 25 thousands people this gathering according to the numbers of public Medias irrefutable truth and reality will clears. That injured, grieving and victim of oppression people and crimes was an Islamic firm and national slapped to the face of those who wanted prepare and guarantee their own benefits by the name of Islam. It's interesting that many participants as the television's shown; they were carrying the pictures of Mr. Mazary and Mr. Massoud. It shows that in fact these people didn't know why they participated in this gathering. Because the declared aim of this gathering founders was defense of order of 12th article of parliament approves amnesty, anyway this sentence in 2nd article of itself all of the people who have oppressed and have done much crimes during 30 years, forgot and forgave the murders of Mr. Mazary and Mr. Massoud. If these participants are fans of amnesty of murders of their leaders then why were carrying their images. It shows the martial princes abuse from people's feelings to prepare their own benefits.

Kabul press: what persuaded these martial princes to manage its gathering, does it seem that we reach to the end of their political live and must consider on their crimes?

Dr. Ramazan Bashardust: in2007after falling of Taliban regime, international society by U.S.A leadership has brought people back under their power that were powerful from 1993 while 1998. also international society by .U.S.A leadership those which did business with communism and were servant of past Russia by number of defenders and Taliban thoughtful defenders and also did participant the powerful people of Zahir shah and Davoud Khan regime in power again. In fact people who made busy political, economical and military scene by the name of democracy again are the same people who abused by the name of republic, constitutionalism, communism and Islam during 50 years. Afghanistan people and international society public thoughts are put out of patience from this situation. Protests and voices of victims of these government men, gradually more than before reflected. Force of international society public ideas people motive and Afghanistan justice like persuaded international society's politicians to one kind of renewal in their policy than Afghanistan these changes seemed the start of justice like in Afghanistan. This state causes of danger feeling for cruels. But unfortunately Afghanistan governmental organizations and international society governmental organizations ears were deaf while today. Because Mr. Hamed Karzay didn't spare from any intellectual and financial assistances for tyrant people while now and also against his pretence that these people have, external states have gone ahead their intellectual and financial assistances. As whole of us are witnesses of friendly meetings of these people with the Ambassadors of external countries. For example meeting of Mrs. Nancy Polocy chief of American Congress in the presidential palace with Mr. Hamed Karzay at presence of Mr. Sayaf, NATO and Embassies positions meeting with Mr. Khalily pretty daily open, recent meeting of Shardfier (second person) of American Embassy with Mr. Dustum that published via Ayena TV and America and Germany Ambassadors meeting with Mr. Rabany published at the first page of mujahid Magazine the publishing house of Afghanistan Jamiat-e Islami on 2007, 14th of we can name in these meetings of outer countries Ambassadors did not prevent from their praise, and praised from their effective positions. So their pretence that they are plot victims of outer countries, in fact it is dust the eyes of Afghanistan people. Because these countries governments without exception instead of defense of Afghanistan oppressed people, help intellectual and financial to those whom didn't spare from any oppression to Afghanistan people. So if one day begins a righteously court, outer countries government men must come to the court as crime partners. This is a puzzle for Afghanistan people that why punishment international court that Afghanistan joined it in 2003, 10th February no kind of participle action is done about criminals of human rights in Afghanistan. Here we must express our appreciation from Netherlands court has issued the sentence of lockup of Hissamudin Hissam past chief of inquiries police and Habibullah Jalalzoy in charge of investigations affairs litigation court of this country confirm sentence of lockup of 12 and 9 years old these two criminals by crime of martial crimes and punishment of government's enemies. We must ad it that these two people were captured in Netherlands in 2005.

Kabul press: in your mind will president Hamed Karzay sign the prism of some parliament advocates based upon amnesty and lack of juridical trail of martial criminals?

Dr. Ramazan Bashardust: experience shows this is so difficult to foresee about Mr. Karzay, s action and deeds. Because Mr. Hamed Karzay is not possessing of firm ideas and principles. For example about human rights Mr. Karzay has changed his cape several times during 3 months. In 2007 Mr. Karzay signed the action program of conveyance justice. But he's not done executions in this field. In celebration ceremonies of fifty ninth anniversary of international human rights advertisement, Mr. Karzay has shown himself as one of the head-strong adherents of human rights and to carry it out to Afghanistan and has urged for punishment of human rights foes but at his speech in ten of muharam month of running year in Qalayee- Fattullah Hussainie-Irshad of Kabul city he forgot the values of human rights completely and has demanded for conversation with those whom poured blood of people and want the destruction of country. But at first reaction about amnesty sentence of the lower house has shown himself one of adherents of human rights by his spokesman. If Mr. Hamed Karzay wants Afghanistan constitution that according to 64 article of law that has duty of execution of that and put his hand on the holy Quran and swears to observe it, act on it, not at all ought he to sign this sentence. Because Afghanistan constitution does not give authority of signing of the sentence to the president and any of this it's articles. As it doesn't give the authority of sentence approval to the parliament. The president just has the authority of signing the law and this sentence can't become a law. Because plan of law offered to the lower house by government or ten members of lower house that after approved 1.5 MP repose at the list of work of it (97 article of constitution). After entering into the agenda gives up to one of the lower house's commissions for surveying and reporter of dependent commissions passes it for discussion in general meeting. Also design of the law in its introduction must make it clear that is firm on which constitution article and its text is edited according to the article and section. These lawful levels were not regard to approval of this sentence.

If president suspects about collation of this sentence with constitution he ought to refers to independent supervising commission on comparison of constitution according to constitution (157) article. From Islamic's mind also if Mr. Karzay is permanent on Islamic's principle

Principles on Islamic's principles in action, he ought not to sign this sentence. Because President or other person doesn't have the authority of amnesty of people's legalese. When the God says clear that doesn't have authority to donates this own slave, so how can his slave has such as this authority. We must to add that whole of world and Afghanistan people don't have the authority to donate oppressions and crimes because letter of attorney of war victims is not with them. Just the crime and oppression's victims have this authority. So, if really criminals want to be donated of any duration and any time, that they are, must to refer to the cemeteries and make their victim alive and urge of amnesty them: This is what that is not at anyone's ability. Further more even that national policy doesn't give this authority to the president to do something by name of job policy that won't be just beginner of peace and reconciliation perhaps it self will be cause of continuing of war coarseness in Afghanistan.

Kabul press: If president will sign this sentence, what changes come to the situations and what ways will leave for cancellation of it?

Dr. Ramazan Bashardost: Justice of introduction peace and reconciliation at every societies and Afghanistan isn't exceptional from this order. While the cruels Taliban remain on policy power and usurp the narrated and unnarrated goods of people by force. And don't return to their owner, Afghanistan will burn in the fire at fighter against claim of those who figure this sign as begin of peace and security, the existence of sentence makes much fire at this fight. As recent one month shows. The Partisans of this sentence in the lower house claimed that by approval of it government armed adverse get smoothness immunity and will put their arms down, but experience has evidenced opposite of it. Because in   2007, 31 January ratified approved but Taliban instead of reception of it and putting their weapons down' two days later made busy the Masa qala of Helmand province that is still on their possession. In fact in the clear respond of government adverse that never put their weapons down until their ancient foes don't leave Afghanistan political scenes. Because if we have short look to Afghanistan's history, we understand that in 1996 Taliban declared Jihad, not America' Not England, Not Russia, and not any other countries were being in Afghanistan. They declared Jihad against those. Who were in power in that time is the same people are in power now. In Afghanistan, in Afghanistan's parliaments and in Afghanistan's provinces, If Mr. Hamed Karzay Mutilates in Afghanistan constitution again, Afghanistan people according to Constitution the article that says national ruler ship belongs to the nation in Afghanistan, they can demand the resignation of him and dissolve of Parliament.




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