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Kamran Mir Hazar        Letter to Editor

Dostom still a power in the north

By: Shoib Najafizada

Afghanistan Mazar-e-Sharif, Monday 02/Nov/06. Abed Nazar with small breads and long hairs arriving in Mazar-e Sharif from Faryab Province said to me.

"We don't have a real government in Faryab Province. The governor and the police that we have there, they all belong to General Dostom and what ever General Dostom says, they do that."

General Dostom has a lot of supporter in north of Afghanistan especial in Jawzjan and Faryab Provinces. We can say that 90% of the people from these two provinces want Dostom and love him. But there are some commanders that they are against Dostom and hate him.

One of the biggest commanders that don't want Dostom in Faryab Province is General Malik, the leader of Liberty Party in Afghanistan. It's about three years that they have fought with each other in Faryab Province that left hundreds of civilians killed and thousands injured.

When the DDR process started in Afghanistan, Dostom and Malik gave up some of their useless Weapons and the fighting was stopped about two years.

Gul Murat, an Uzbek man who lives in Kata Qala district of Faryab Province said. "We were in bad condition before the DDR process; there were a lot of conflicts between Dostom and Malik, during the conflict about 200 families left Faryab Province from Jawzjan and Mazar-e-Sharif provinces.

After the DDR process, we had two years of peace and we thought that all the weapon of these two leaders collected by DDR process because we weren't witness of any conflict. After two years we didn't know from where they found weapon and made militias and started fighting again."

The August of the current year was the month of war in Faryab Province, because of the harsh military conflicts between General Dostom and General Malik that left tens of civilians dead and hundreds injured that still governor didn't take any decision to arrest the criminals.. "on August I was asleep at home in Kata Qala district around 2:00am, that I heard a bad sound of firing of AK47, I was afraid and got up when I came out from the room I saw about hundred soldiers belongs to commander Shamal one of the beigest commander of Dostom in Faryab Province standing on my roof and fought with commander Khalifa Salih one the commander of Malik.

During of the conflict one of my brother and my brother son were killed and tomorrow early all the local people left Kata Qala district and came to city." Gul Murat said.

In case of this conflict PRT troops in Faryab Province arrested Commander Khalifa Salih the commander of Malik and commander Shamal escape from the place and climbed to Mountains that still no PRT and no Afghan troops arrest him.

"when we reached to Kata Qala Police with supporting of PRT troops, we could arrest commander Salih but we saw that commander Shamal was escaping but we couldn't do any thing because they have a lots of heavy weapons and I knew If police stop him police cant stand against Shamal in fighting because we a have small and useless weapons that we cant do any things with these weapons.

We need for more police to bring a good peace and arrest commander Shamal. But now with this weapon and these police we can't arrest any commander of Dostom." The head of security office of Faryab police said to AFP.

When I tried to find out that does Dostom has heavy weapons or not I went to Aqcha district of Jawzjan Province and meet with people. Most of the people confirm that Turkish and Uzbekistan countries still support Dostom and Dostom import weapons and divided for their commanders in Jawzjan, Faryab, Samangan, Takhar, Qondoz and Badakhshan Provinces.

" Dostom has a lot of heavy weapons and still he is very powerful commander in north, on the one hand he give up their weapons to Disbandment of Illegal Armed Groups (DIAG) process and on the other hand, he imported new weapons from Turkey and Uzbekistan countries." A Police officer from Aqcha district that didn't mention his name said.

Ghulam Aka 38 year's boy from Juma Pazar district of Faryab Province said. " I think its three times that I saw Rahmat Rais ( Representative of Dostom in Faryab Province) gave up their weapons to DDR and Dayak Processes and announced from TV that commander Rahmat Rais gave up all their weapons. But after one week we saw that their soldiers found new weapons for fighting with General Malik and same of Dostom Malik is also buying weapons from other countries."

But the commanders and people who want General Dostom reject that Dostom is still owning weapons and still he has militias and fight with General Malik.

Rahmat Rais that representative of General Dostom in Faryab Province said. "We had a lot of weapons that captured in the time that we fought with Russian and Taliban in north but we gave all our weapons to DDR and DIAG Process. And also Junbish Party is not fighting with Malik.

People of Faryab don't want Malik's militias in Faryab. Because in 1996 Malik brought Taliban in north and captured Esmail Khan that Ministry of Power and Water and gave him to the Taliban. In these reason people don't like him and fought with him.

I reject that General Dostom import weapons and make militias. Now Dostom is Politic man and he is doing a politic work and also I am one of his supporters in Faryab Province and doing politic work in Faryab province."

In Faryab province the constriction process is going very slowly, one the main reason that the construction is very slow in Faryab province is security is not saving for foreigner workers.

And also some people knew that because of bad security in Faryab Province they don't have reconstruction.

And every one knows that General Dostom and General Malik are the responsible, but they can't go any where for complaining because the governor, Parliament representative and other officials are belongs to Dostom and Malik.

"I don't have Militias in Faryab Province. But I have a lot of supporter in Faryab Province they are not militias they are local people that want me.

And the people that want the Libraty Party in Faryab Province General Dostom's soldiers attack to them and killed some of them. the conflict that happend three or two months before that was between people and Dostom soldiers, becouse people dont want Dostom in Faryab.

before the Taliban time Dostom was the commander of killer and rubbers in north of Afghanistan and the situation was very bad, in this reason i thought that if I bring the taliban in north the situation will be become good, when i brought the Talibn i saw that Taliban were the same of Dostom. i fought again with the taliban and got them out from north" General Malik the leader of Librety Party said.

After the fallen of the Taliban from northern of Afghanistan people of northern are not witnessing any conflict of government with the Taliban. But there was a lot of fighting between the Junbish party belong to General Dostom and Jamite Party belong to Attah Mohammad Noor that left hundreds killed and about thousand injured.

That fighting continued about two years while this conflict stopped that General Dostom leaved Mazar for Shebirghan Province for ever.





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