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Dear Editor,

The furious responses of the Islamic world community as a result of the Danish cartoons concerning the Islamic prophet Mohammed are well understandable. But both the Danish newspaper and the Muslims are wrong. The Danish newspaper is wrong because blasphemy and freedom of religion - to this belongs also treating other religions with respect - weigh more heavily than freedom of speech. You cannot make cartoons concerning Christ or Mary either. The Danish judge who said initially the Danish newspaper was right is wrong. The Islamic world is wrong in thinking that the legal way of protest now ends and only with violence excuses can be enforced. With violence you only harden the positions and work for the devil. Christ tells in the Bible in Matthew 18 to discuss a matter first with the person himself, if he does not listen to bring in 2 or 3 others and if that does not help to present it to the church, in other words a higher authority. Somebody simply has to appeal at a higher Danish judge, the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg and/or the International Court of Justice in The Hague. That is the only successful way to get the Danish newspaper editor in prison, not let newspapers publish the cartoons and have the prime minister of Denmark be carpeted by other heads of state.

kind regards,

Drs. J.G.A.M. Leushuis
The Netherlands
E-mail: jgamleus@dds.nl

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