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دوکان معارف: ان جی اوی تمام عيار

10 فبروری 2008, 18:57, توسط Walid Salim

Dear Mr Kamran,
You are a wonderful person and every day you introduce new courrpt personalities in Karzai Government. Mr. Atmar is one the notorious person we ever seen in Afghanistan. Fortunately I know Mr. Atmar very well he was a member of Khad and his one leg was injured by the bullet of Afghan freedom fighter during Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. When factional fighting between Mujahideen has started he went to Pakistan and Mr. Ehasan Zia the present minister of MRRD who was working in the NCA/NRC recruited him in NCA/ NRC ( Norwegian Committee for Afghanistan) as guard and latter on he was pick up as intelligence agent by the NCA and was sent to United Kingdom for further education. Now the question is arising how he was awarded the master degree while he never attended any universities this question to be asked from the people of ministry of higher education.

During Taliban era 1997-2000 when Taliban was is in power he played Taliban card and showed himself a Pushtoon from Kandhar. Once when he visited Canada accompanied of Farooq Wordak both of them defended the Taliban and blamed other freedom loving people in Afghanistan

This courrpt person show himself as defender Pushtoon and with the assistance Mr Yoon, Mr. Sediq Pattman, Qari zadeh(Advisor of ministry of Education) wants to destroy the education system in Afghanistan

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