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Atmar is a visionary leader and has a heart for Afghanistan

10 فبروری 2008, 20:45, توسط KD

I think this is too much now. I cannot believe that you, Mr. Kamran, would go this far. Atamr is one of the very few ministers who is really working hard for this country. He is the man, despite everyone around him, wants to bring change in this nation. A good change. You have got to be realistic and put your fingers on those who really don’t care about the country. And let me tell you this, Atmar is not one of them. I believe in him as a man who can change Afghanistan educational system. Let him do it. Let’s support him instead of adding all these lies behind him. I have met Atmar a couple of time and I found him a man after people’s heart and education for this country. Go for Sayaf, Rabani, Gulbodin, etc who destroyed the country and stool it’s wealth and they still do it. THanks - KD 

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