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To Walid Salim

10 فبروری 2008, 20:55, توسط KD

Mr. Salim, Freedom Figter? who are they? Get a life and don’t call mujaheeden freedom fighters. Not a lot of people would support you saying that Mr. Atmar is there to destroy the educational system. Let’s face the truth, we didn’t had any system at all. Do you call what Taliban or Mujaheeden called curriculum, curriculum. He is the man who stayed behind and worked hard for this people even during Taliban. Who on earth came back from Canada during Taliban to serve his country. Not many people, but he did (according of what you said) let’s not blame him. We Afghans are this way... we are quickly forgetting our past and quickly believing in what we hear. That is our weakness in all matters of life. I will defend Atmar and i hope that whit the vision he has, he could be our next president, or at least advisor to the president.

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