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د افغانستان د اکادمی علوم

19 جون 2012, 16:00, توسط joshan

Academy oloum have not any capability to write some thing about the ethnicisim in afghanistan ,but Rashed is very poor man ,he can not to eat some thing with out authorized of government behind that some another dirty hand such as Suliman lauq right now he is the advicer of this academy .he also wrote one articales during the president of Najubulldh ,he also mention for that articale ,we havenot Hazara in afghanistan (Moghol)people percentage 0.99%.he is very fashest guy he was that moment adiviser of Najubulluh ,actulay like this guy destoried the Najubulluh reguem i want to share with you about sulaeman lauq ,his exact name is (sultan mojaded)when he accept the parchem party it was big shem to like that name for him ,he change his by sulaeman lauq ,I hered some guy has double face ,but this guy has more than double face please listen to me :his sister is wife,s of Hazrate subghatulluh Mijadadei, all of kids of hazrat sheb become his Nephew ,he was the polued bero of kamonist party he had contect with Mojahedin ,he had good relation with other side of the border pashton people ,right now he is adviser of this unfamouse academy ,he is exactly from paktika province and his father was big Mulluh and they moved to Pulikhomri of baghlan province ,just he come to kabul his resposibillity was to join all fashesti group belong the kamonist remain ,but he can not ,donot worry like this guy to want to help karzai or another guy can not to rebuild ,but destoried ,when Genral dostom and another part of north o f afghanistan want to cut thier relation with the regum ,but during the one Meeting he requst to DR.Najubulluh Dr.( kaga khola pa soko joregey).Dr.Najubulluh exactly would like to start negosition with Dostom part ,but said never you start negosition with those guy ,we have seen the result of that mistake,more then 7 years he stying in pashton area of other side the border ,he had good contact with ISI of pakistan

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