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جبهه ی ملی از اين زوايا

19 آپریل 2007, 07:46, توسط Ikhlas Wardak

Dear all afghans,
I do not know what kind of people are they are the human being are they aware that afghan people hate them these killers,lotters,made kind of machine the consumpton of that machine is the tears of widows the blod of innocent afghans the tears of orphans to run thieir machine to make more wealth etc.
How it is possible these two enemies are buidling one party by the name of united party which nation that nation who were killed by every single of them that nation who were lotted that nation who were raped by these fake mujahid and communist we can not stop laughing on these idiots.

That is now clear and no one can hide or deny from this party memebers or thier followers any more that these people were friend and united since 1979 only in the eyes of public they were enemy to kill and destroy our land by the order of thier boses so it is proved this united party was active from the begning of the war in afghanistan till now.

We lost our confidence on Mr.Karzai too, he just was giving empty promises nothing more he is a good speaker might be but not a good and strong leader the golden chances is gone almost. The people of afghanistan were thinking the criminals will be brought to justice but they were giving high position in the government so Karzai dance in every kind of music but Mr.Karzai wake up you may play game one month two months may be one year or two years but not forever you are just cheating your self not afghan people so as an afghan I advice you to take a strong decision and remove all these drug lords and war lords from the high positons and clean up your srounding and trust in Allah not on these killers if you call your self muslim and afghan and prove it to afghans what you promised you are going to do it not by words by action.
Wasalam,Ikhlas wardak,ikhlas2004 yahoo.com

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