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چه کسی می خواهد کابل پرس ديگر نشر نشود؟

18 آپریل 2007, 09:56, توسط Kudos Talash

18April 2007
Dear Sir Kameraan Mir Hazaar, comment about all of your -article need a few sheets papers that I can not do it now,but
one point I must remember to you, and you keep in your mind: The enemy/government try to influence in different ways in your mind , and change your idea ,and use you how the government wants ,you must be clever and not deceive
These people who introduced them-self as reporters ! most of them are government informants , they introduce them-self as
reporters, it is a trick to deceive people
I advised you before about your security, please keep it in your memory - Thank You

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