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Afghanistan: Protection of civilians must improve as security transition looms

12 October 2013, 15:25, by Bob Walton

"The "protection of civilians" sounds good but one must wonder why the the protection of Afghan civilians continues to depend upon American lives and treasure. Why is America continuing to try to buy democracy for Afghanistan? Democracy isn’t bought, it’’s rented and the price is paid in blood!

It’s not a matter of "providing training while the Afghans improve their fighting skills", they’ve successfully defended themselves for centuries (ask the Brits and Russians). It’s a matter of motivation. How do you convince a people that we’re their friends and their their clansmen, their uncles, cousins, and nephews who they perceive as fighting for a stricter adherence to a shared religion are their enemies? In my book, Afghan tribal leaders want power and to be left to manage their own fiefdoms! Let’s leave... yesterday!

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