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2019 یکصد سالگی استقلال افغانستان و فرصت های طلائی هنوز در دست

4 آگوست 2010, 02:07, توسط 21dec2012

is it very funny . country is down of shoes of hundred thousand of American military and we celebrate a fake idiotic freedom in a time that each of our citizen have one dead and martyred in there hand . are we all are a kinda fool or brainless or brain was or a kind a dummy or we pretended to a kinda stupid and sold out nation . freedom is not property of few fucking leader who set in political bench by power of gun of Pakistan or Iran or USA , is it belong to people of one country . and why a nation like afghan brave and fearless not united and kick to ass of all those who force you and sale you in many way .

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