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چرا بدخشان دانشگاه ندارد؟

23 آگوست 2008, 00:45

This is a good question!

Wy Badakhshan should have Danushgah(University):

1- because this provence is not Pashtone resedential place.

2-The Pashton(Afghan) ethenic group in this provence are very
less for applying the Fashistic programme in this provence

3-This provence has no owner(Sahib) Burhanuddin rabani , and there Teams are all MUAMILA gar from begining up to now just
they sold all these people for there purpose (Ahdaf khud

4-The Governor (Wali) for this provence is from other parts of the country and belong to Hizbi Eslami hikmatyar that this hizb is Against education, with Fashistic mind and having close relation with the Fashistic team of Afghan millat in
Karzay Fashistic Cabinit
Badakhshani people didn,t think you will receive your rights( Haq) be in unity and get your rights by force or make your own freedom.


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