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به اوباما از راسیسم پشتون بنویسیم

16 نوامبر 2008, 15:33, توسط ramzan ali syd

i am not fully agree with mr rezai.because America has their own interst.they don,t care about people of Afghanistan.we hazara,s sufferd because of our self.and we can build our own self.no obbama bush can come to rescue us..we should belief in Allah and belief our self.than we can save ourself .i think the Hazara,s should belief themself.not obbama iran pak.secondly we should be united and choose the honest and sencere people in leadership like khanum surabi khanum sima samar and those who have ability and sencere.Afghanistan is divided country their is no trust between etnicities.no pashtoo trust hazara hazara don,t trust tajik .i mean afghanistan is not yet a single nation.it is because of bad and facist regime in past century.today time is change.the Hazara,s Tajik,s and Uzbak,s are not same century ago.they know their rights and inshallah thy can defend their rights.those pashtoon who belief in humanity are welcome those who belief in wahshigery and fanatism and blindly follow facism.go to hell

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