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طیاره خریدن، آسان است؟

6 فبروری 2009, 19:33, توسط Ahmad Kabulistani

Karzai was an unpopular person without any national base, so I think US and his international collation made mistake to pick em up Karzai and let him to bring low level people around him to run Afghanistan (like Afghan Melat gang), the result is corruption,increasing of drug trafficking by Karzai’s brother and his close family and friends, increasing of Taliban attacks and power, divided Afghanistan people base on ethnicity and languages that pushed by Afghan Melat gang, so what is Karzai’s most hard work to be make him proud about,NOTHING. he is a failed president, need to bring huge CHANGE in all levels in Afghanistan, swap all Karzai’s corrupted team with a new fresh active human lovers (not just Pashton lovers) in power, if need to corrected all mistake done by supporting Karzi’a by USA and NATO asap

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