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29 نوامبر 2009, 04:31, توسط haroon

i am sorry i don’t have any pashtu or Arabic typing. i have to say a person in the name of Asad budha is a coward and even he can show his real name due to the fear of pashtuns he has changed his name. then what the benefit if this assay you have written, is int enough about blaming each other? is n’t it enough bloodshed? if you are wise and open-minded you wouldn’t publish this assay. you know it encourage discrimination, when you people come to
power you are misusing the power and blaming each other
try to compromise and come close to each other, history knows who are the defense cover of Afghanistan, we have defended Afghanistan. pashtuns are the greatest people they are well-known for their code of conduct pashtunwali . Kabul Press is against Pashtuns but remember who ever is the sponsor of this group stop doing this otherwise i will destroy your station and you will be out of this world stupid people, you people have always abused pashtuns...........you are just doing it in net not publicly coz you don’t have the courage of this .............pashtuns are the tribe who can rule the world history has remembered and history repeated again. you people cant rule Afghanistan coz you are not suitable.......... pashtuns are the greatest their the best friend of you and they are they worst enemy of you...... remember this.

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