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سركوب ستمی ها در پنجشير

17 مارچ 2009, 16:14, توسط Ahmad Kabulistani

Mr.Basir Badrooz was in one room with me in block one of PoleCharkhi jail, in the years of Babrak-Najib tyranny bloodshed regime, he all the time used bad words against Hero Ahmad Shah Masood, that I didn’t know why, now I got the answer and I knew why. Also I want to add another story, I was in Sedarat jail in 1361 in rooms which called (Pange Outaqa, five rooms}, one innocent person on the name of Masood from panjsher was captured from Shahrarah, Khad thought he is the real Masood, Khad tortured him all the day and night to prove he is Hero Masood, but he was not real Masood, Khad was eager to find Hero Masood. Anyway by my own eyewitness the Khad as much tortured and executed the Panjsheri and Qandahari and Chardehi Kabul, not the other people specially not Laghmani or Paktiawal or Jalalabadi

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