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جوانان افغان و دنیای سکس انترنتی

17 اكتبر 2008, 07:34, توسط Nadia Safi

Salam , In order to stop our youth wasting their time in nonsense , we should find and make alternative sites and by alternatives sites I do not necessarily mean sites of "wa’z & irshad" although they are quite important, but also halal entertainment and useful sites which will contribute in building a healthy generation ..
if we are going to import the net as it is then for sure we wil have undesireable effects to find alternative sites for them
Although some educated youths have tried to make useful Afghan sites we stil hav shortage
I think the blame is not only for our youth , who watch such stuff but also on those who know how o use the internet but are not trying to do anything to save the new generation .

Sorry for typing in English but had no Farsi keyboard.
Nadia Safi

آنلاين بنگريد : Who is to blame ? and what is to be done?

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