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25 جون 2007, 00:02, توسط Afghan

Dear Country Mates,

,I am so happy that you people have a motive towards the political issues which are going on in your country. Dont forget that not only Government has forgetten the place but also the very high ranking so called assistance mission is also taking side of some and forgetting others, we dont have any report yet from them. UN is doing what??? going out for picnic to Bamyan but stay so relactant towards the movement of some anti government elements’s in the Centeral high land? Go ahead people! and help your self be aware that no one will help you all are here to gain money not ot help you. Kuchies should be Kucies only and so Hazaras, both have the right to defend from their Rights but ..... Lets see the game who is going in to help and who is going to in to promote the bad idea in each’s mind? lets be the wetness of the interventions.

پیام، نظر، تفسیر یا نقد؟

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