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تذکره الکترونیکی به زبان پشتو و انگلیسی و با هویت افغان تهیه می شود

16 دسامبر 2010, 02:01, توسط sharif1

Dear friends sorry for writing in English as i don’t have Farsi program and skill to type.
If Hazara,Tajik,Uzbek and other tribes in Afghanistan do stay weak and incompetent as they are now, the Pashtunist fascism will,in its even morebarbaric form, return to Afghanistan.
My message which comes deep down from my aching heart to the Tajiks, Hazaras and Uzbeks is to wake up to horrific,chilling reality of Pashtunization of the country and form a true , workable coalition in order to foil highly risky Pashtun plottings agaisnt you and the future of your ethnicities.
How long you want to suffer at their fascist, cruel and ruthliess hands.???? Enough is enough please wake up and do not surrender the fate of your tribe and your people to the fascist,barbaric pashtuns anymore.

پیام، نظر، تفسیر یا نقد؟

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