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نمونه ای از تذکره الکترونیکی با جعل هویت بیش از 80 درصد مردم

20 آپریل 2011, 18:30, توسط گوربز خان "عطاخیل "

M.r. Shabir Kakar and his allies in Kabulpress should know:

I must say that I would like to write about this article which was written about Afghanistan’s new citizenship ID card of Pashto, I want to write in English with details of why Amirzai Sangin took that kind of damn decisions in future.

We should not forget that that kind of damn and stupid and irresponsible actions Amirzai Sangin took steps have very negative consequences

. Right now aroused negative emotions plus strong hatred and insurrection among the other non-Pashto-speaking people who are majority of the population in Afghanistan. Writing in one language and to deny others originating in a multicultural society such as Afghanistan is very dangerous.
We need to know that Amirzay Sangin is a smuggler, who has Swedish citizenship, if anything revolving to occur in Afghanistan, he may flee the country and leave people alone in the blood and chaos
By: Gurbuzkhan Atakhel

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