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جنایات جنگی در افغانستان و ضرورت محاکمه عاملان آن

11 دسامبر 2007, 04:30, توسط Afghani

i must type some thing i dont deny the fightings and killings during mujahidin time .. but blive me all these massgraves r from najibs babaraks and more amin i mean comunisem regims popits time ..
i went to chimtala where the new grave was discovered i went to badakhshan the place called (dashte qorogh) those killings are happend during khalq and parchams time .. and the most killing during islamists times happend during taliban yakawlang is hiden from u and many killings in takhar shamali mazar and hazara jat... so lets not think that only mujahidin who are also invloved in these killings not the only side blive me mujahidin couldnt kill as much as the others did .. plz my lovely afghans today we saperated by diffrent names never forget that afghanistan ppl were and r muslims and our enemy r those who want to distory islam coz we r muslims and .. khalq parcham mujahid talib are diffrent sides of coin

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