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از شمار دوچشم یک تن کم

24 جون 2011, 14:45, توسط Atil

This man Zaki his real name is Zekrullha. He is was a member of Hezeb Demokratic Mazdak PArt. He removed Allah word from his name because he was the enemy of Allhah and Islam. He was sent to Medical Institie through pressure from Hezebe DEmokratic- he never passed any exams in the the faculty and teachers and the faculty was forced to promot him and gaver him Doctor name. He could not even learned and passed simple English tests post living for 14 years in England. He was forced and sent by his wife to earm money in Afghanistan and he was working as a Tarjuman for American soldiers a job that any one could do it.He aws not anything special or clever as described above. Where is the honesty in this world!!!!

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