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Killing of health team in Afghanistan a profanity against Islam

Letter from moderate Islamic commentator in Kabul
Shah Mahmoud Mahmoud
Sunday 15 August 2010

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August 06, 2010
The news of the heartless murder of health workers in northeastern Afghanistan by former war lord Gulbuddin Hekmatyar’s armed men breaks everyone’s heart, seeing that such gruesome crimes can still quite openly be committed in Afghanistan by extremists under the name of Islam.

Sadly, these health workers are victims of the Afghanistan tragedy which has been plotted from abroad. It is clear to Afghans that such a crime by Gulbiddin Hekmatyar’s hired thugs is not news. For example during the occupation of Afghanistan by the Soviet Union he launched several attacks against prominent Mujahideen Commanders as well as his rivals in north, west and south of Afghanistan.

He and his commanders saw all Mujahideen parties as enemies except his. During the cold war Mr.Hekmatyar was strongly supported by Pakistan, then by Arab and Western countries, especially the United States of America— a huge mistake. He received about 65% of all the military, logistical, and financial assistance at the outset of the holy war with six other Mujahideen parties splitting the rest. Mr. Hekmatyar was the most powerful leader in the country until he promoted terrorist operations against educated people inside Afghanistan and Pakistan including Mujahedeen commanders.

He and his commanders launched a bloody war against other Mujahedeen parties aiming to take complete control over Afghanistan. Thousands of Mujahedeen from both sides in several provinces were killed. As a result, people living in areas controlled by Hekmatyar hated him and his party more than the Communist oppressors. To them, Hekmatyar and his commanders were evil barbarians.

As the Soviet war developed, hundreds of commanders who had belonged to the Hekmatyar party surrendered their weapons and armed militias to the pro-communist regime. Finally Hekmatyar completely lost the trust of most Afghans, especially in the areas controlled by his followers who had experienced his ruthlessness.

The battle against the pro-communist regime moved forward and the outcome of the war tilted toward the Mujahedeen. When the regime was on the verge of crumbling, the Kabul government decided to transfer power to a select group of Mujahedeen. Hekmatyar was the only one opposed the formation of an Islamic interim government, demanding the executive position for himself. When refused, he launched a bloody war in Kabul province against the new Mujahedeen Government.

Wanting to cement ties with Pakistan, he had already secretly signed a treaty of Afghanistan-Pakistan Confederation with former Pakistan Dictator Ziaulhaq in 1979. His daily bombardments of Kabul that destroyed the city and murdered thousands of civilians, could not win the day. When it became clear that the Taliban would succeed where he had failed, he fled to Iran to plot continued hardship and violence against Afghanistan.

Quite simply, Hekmatyar is responsible for destruction of Afghanistan, the continuing Afghan tragedy and the foreign military occupation in this devastated country.

It is obvious that the Taleban and other insurgents have completely lost credibility among the Afghan people. Al-Qaeda , the Taliban, and Hekmatyar are recognized as the enemies of Afghanistan and Islam due to their barbaric and terrorist activities. They work only in the interest of hostile neighbor countries to destabilize Afghanistan as much as they can. No act is too brutal for them, as demonstrated by the murders of the health workers.

There is no doubt they are supported secretly by Pakistan’s ISI and Iran’s Revolutionary Guard. The barbaric and terrorist cult of Hekmatyar and the Taliban’s atrocities committed under the name of Islam against civilians for years must not be linked with Islam.

Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, Hekmatyr, the ISI, and Revolutionary Guard are profanities.

All Muslims who closely monitor these situations, believe they are separated and excluded from Islam as extremists like KAWAREGE.

It is the responsibility of all Islamic society to stop such extremists from tainting Islam. Islam is a Moderate Religion from Allah (G) meant to guide humans toward peace and understanding. So all extremists and barbaric gangs who murder innocent people should be cursed by Muslim society and Muslim clerics throughout the world.

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