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A letter with the affliction of my soul

Tuesday 14 April 2015

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by Habiba Roshan
photo1Dear a father, a mother, a sibling 
to the empty plate, we all wait
you have given me the journey of unexpected 
You’ve activated me to the world of mystery 
It’s drastically unexpectedly 
difficult for me to speak 
the words that’s hidden behind my throat 
I’ve begin to keep a lock within my chest 
It’s extremely sensitive, dreadful to my mind, 
Hazara.. Hazara is 
what I’m locking in my chest 
with my unconscious tears 
I unease to once more
put you in the moment of what I’m experiencing with my emotions…
Breaking the ice with a letter to you 
what I’m biting behind my skin, 
Dear mr Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah Chief Executive Officer of Afghanistan,
Hazara individuals and history have been involved with brutal torture, kidnapping, death, and using hazara men, women and kids as a tool for slavery.
Its disturbing violent cruelty have placed hazara individual body parts chopped and used in unexpected manner.
Do note from the last one month what recalls in your mind with one word…..
 Kidnapped, missing, captured, hijacked, stolen and so on……
So many words, leaves me trembling to the history of hazaras …
Or the hijacked hazaras or a better term to connect your memories to “the stolen generation of HAZARAS”
 kidnapping of hazaras did not just begin in the last one month.. I do apologise to raise this controversy verses what you have promised As a prime minister
 ”I believe you do a lot of speeches internationally on 
- human right
- how to build a broken country
- economically and much more 
Hazaras including other nationalities in Australia and foreign countries are suffering mentally and physically due to the situations in Afghanistan. Hazaras in particular are affected education wise and career wise which is very disturbing for other people, this is raising awareness for other nationalities and individual’s progress.
mr prime minister of Afghanistan I must address
The situation for hazaras in Afghanistan is getting dramatically out of control.. Are you plugged in with what is the situation in all areas of Afghanistan or your own living style in certain ethnic groups?
Are you in anyway disturbed or in a vexing situation of your missing citizens from the hazara ethnic group in Afghanistan?
Mr Ashraf Ghani I will reflect to one of your speech, how do you build a broken country like Afghanistan, when you yourself have not made a positive fundamental equality or human right.
Afghanistan, the land of the afghans, the land that’s been in war, suffered in war but continues to be in war with its own citizen and ethnic group Hazara.
Mr President Ashraf Ghani are you aware of the situation hazaras or your citizens are facing at the current moment?
Does it ring a bell for you that why the number of kidnapping from 1-5 a month has increased to groups of 30 and more?
Are you in any way prepared to take the risk and come to a long term security for Hazara individuals in Afghanistan?
Are you prepared to step up and really take a positive action for individuals missing?
Are you in any way conscious of the brutal, disturbed, disappearance,unseen of hazara individuals that are missing days to months 
families are waiting 
could be a mother waiting for a child, 
could be a wife waiting for a husband 
could be a daughter waiting for his dad 
Could be you from a different ethnic group as an individual waiting for a member of yours to return? Place yourself among the empty shoes, among the Hazara’s shoe, experience the tragedy along with me. 
Like the orange signals at the traffic gives me awareness
Long I’ve missed what the signals indicated to my identity
As a hazara today to be classified for my identity, has reopened the notes my great grandfather left behind……
fears for what I have to prepare myself to
given me alarms at the back of my spine
It triggers me, awareness
It dries me to the sensation of the dry leaves
To build a broken country is to demolish the racism and target killing against Hazaras.
It has given me discomfort with my own blood
Has positioned me with extremely sensitive request to tell me when, where, how?
When will they be realised?
When will you make a broken land to a land with ease?
Let’s together demolish the broken laws
To a land of equality to voice, hand, breath and more
When will you give comfort to my identity?

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