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The Manifesto of Violence

how violence and IS relate to one another?
Asad Kosha
Friday 10 July 2015

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The question is how violence and IS relate to one another? I argue that the intimate relationship of violence and Islamic State is twofold: Firstly, the Islamic State is founded base on violence. Secondly, violence is the instrument through which it wants to acquire its goal and then rule its territory as it wishes. Thus one can confidently say that violence is the immediate weapon that forms the essence of Islamic State and it is the means, which preserves it as an organization.

Islamic State for the very first time appeared with exclusively use of violence in Iraq. Most political commentator were first taken by idiotism and had no exact comment about its overnight spring up. By surprise Western mainstream media also prattled about it at beginning. How IS was formed still remains undetailed yet it claims to be a regional organization with influence in the West. It so far has recruited fighters from most privileged western schools and colleges. What is obvious about Islamic State is that it is armed with most sophisticated weapons and is the most cash-rich network in Middle East. Even with the pretentious counterattack of Western-backed target operations IS still remains the most dangerous group in the region and most recently it has turned into precarious threat for Afghanistan as well.

Ever since IS has upheaved in parts of Afghanistan the horror has widely been shadowing every single day in insecure parts of the country. Islamic State is identifiably recognized by the acts of terror imposing on anyone defined as foe. To terrorize the people, it either burns its enemy alive or beheads him in public. Series of videos released by them, circulating on social media, indicate that barbarian brutality is the defining trait of Islamic State. Worst of all, IS treats the women savagely as sex slaves. A manifesto released by them on early days of its foundation reads that “a girl in age nine to be married to jihadists”. Though there has not been any official reports showing direct link between the Islam State groups fighting in Afghanistan and the ISIS yet of their apparent looks one can guess that they have much in common with Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. They share one flag and same tactics to militate.
Islamic State, nonetheless, is notorious for its obscurity, which is partly due to the impossibility of comprehensive approaching to the nature of proxy war going in the region. It has taken many people by shock as they review the acts violence imposed by them on innocent minorities. Whatsoever their task politically is however shall be unfolded as time passes but what raises more fright is the vicious violence carried out by them for gaining their purpose.

The relationship between Islamic State and violence

The question is how violence and IS relate to one another? I argue that the intimate relationship of violence and Islamic State is twofold: Firstly, the Islamic State is founded base on violence. Secondly, violence is the instrument through which it wants to acquire its goal and then rule its territory as it wishes. Thus one can confidently say that violence is the immediate weapon that forms the essence of Islamic State and it is the means, which preserves it as an organization.
Yet what permits IS to impose violence so boldly is the Islamic theology. Koran in chapter 47:4 states: “so when you meet those who disbelieve in battleground, strike their necks until, when you have inflicted slaughter upon them, then secure their bonds, and either confer favor afterwards or ransom [them] until the war lays down its burdens. That [is the command]. And if Allah had willed, He could have taken vengeance upon them [Himself], but [He ordered armed struggle] to test some of you by means of others. And those who are killed in the cause of Allah - never will He waste their deeds.”

Arguably the fear is that if violence as a means directed towards a religiously sacred goal — as exemplified in above mentioned quote, which obliges the believers to kill in service of religion as an institute — the violence will be goal-preserving of power struggle in manifesto of religion. Hence the goal-reaching violence is however the goal-preserving violence also. Consequently to kill innocent citizens is the path that leads IS to establishment of its state and it affirms itself in an immediate manifestation of violence or force suspending all human rights values and laws.
“Having now expounded the relationship between IS and violence, the relation between violence and Islamic State can be understand the pure struggle of violence for power. It is pure because it not restricted by reason and as result it acts as divine violence, which is as an absolute goal is means toward an absolute end.”

Asad Kosha is a journalist and freelance writer.

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Forum posts

  • Islamic State is the state of Allah and His Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him. IS in Afghanistan has already established itself and by the power and Allah and by the power Afghan Mujahidin will hit all kofar and their servants. Its flag is the flag of Allah and Muslim brothers. Islamic state by the he help of Allah will succeed and will clean our country from corruption and corrupt thinking like your one.
    You! the poisoner think how your are with your corrupt idea. Americans have occupied your country and they have taken muslim people in hostage it does not matter for your womanish human rights values. You the Hazara send your women to America for them. you don not have any zeal and faith. people like you Asad Kosha is puppet and self-seller. You people now help American by your everything. By your rubbish writing by your prostitute women. You don not have anything.

  • Reza Angori
    Hello to everyone!
    I firstly appreciate fully this article. Such topics are actually necessary to be discussed on media, but unluckily media in Afghanistan only air some repeated stereotypes about Islamic extremism.
    As I think and as we experience Islamic fundamentalism, it is ready anytime to be a dangerous potential to dismember even a Muslim. Looking back history we can easily understand what did Amir Abull Raham with Hazaras. He by his mullahs called the Hazaras Rafizi (infidel) and then through religious fitwas he permitted his army to massacre Hazara, confiscate their properties and enslave their young men and women. Not very far, during the Taliban the Hazaras were called infidel by Taliban official press. They killed many Hazaras in Kandi Posht of Zabul, took Hazara women hostage and burned down their homes in Mazar –e- Sharif. Now Daeesh is another version of Taliban and Alqaeda. Let’s not forget as Mr. Kosha has righty pointed out the theological root violence in Islam, Taliban, Alqaeda and Daeesh are the true sons given birth by an absolute religion named Islam.
    Anyhow although this article does not suggest any solution. I think to have to resist all types of fundamentalism including IS.

  • Koshani
    Good points are written about connection of IS and violence. But politically there are some points as below:
    IS seems an American project. In Iraq American founded ISIS to fight Asad regime and other pro-Iran groups. The question is now what can America want to do IS in Pakistan and Afghanistan? In Pakistan IS groups will counter all extremist militants who do not present America’s interests. In Afghanistan they need Daesh to fight the outdated Taliban who no longer can protect America’s interests. And finally ISIS will clean up the corridor from Pakistan to Afghanistan and finally to central Asia.

  • Hello Asad.
    I went through it twice. It intellectually informative. but note that:
    What are the possible scenarios for the future evolution of the de facto Islamic Caliphate existing today?

    1. The international community will still be able to combine their efforts in the fight against ISIS, discredit its ideology, deny it support from the local population, isolate it from the outside, crush its most capable units and disarm the remaining. According to Western experts, this can only be achieved through a new large-scale ground operation lasting several years by a coalition of countries.

    2. The Caliphate will abandon its aggressive intentions, stop mass killings and violence, transform into a moderate wing Arab-Sunni state and can improve relations with Damascus and Baghdad, Riyadh, Doha and Ankara and other LAS (League of Arab States) countries. In this case, it can be preserved and even considered in the West as an outpost against the strengthening of Iran in the region.

    3. Inconsistency and indecision in actions against ISIS by concerned states and the reluctance of the Caliphate leaders to abandon their radical views and criminal acts can lead to ‘Somaliazation’ of the region, with an atmosphere of chaos and violence reigning over the territory of Iraq, Syria and other Arab countries for many years. Iraq and Syria may finally lose their statehood and split into enclaves along ethnic and religious lines.

  • there must have been something wrong with server! All comments are posted by a name! some of my comments are deleted!!!

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