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Former U.N. administrator accused of embezzling half-million dollars during stint in Afghanistan

Gary K. Helseth was subject of KabulPress.org million dollar hospital corruption investigation
Kamran Mir Hazar ،   Robert Maier
Saturday 28 March 2009

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The U.N. Procurement Task Force accused Gary K. Helseth, an American who headed the U.N. Office for Project Services (UNOPS) in Afghanistan from 2002 to 2006, in December of using the funds for lavish purchases, including first-class flights to Las Vegas and meals in posh restaurants in Copenhagen, Dubai, Florence and New York. Helseth oversaw more than $1 billion in reconstruction funds contributed by the United States and other international donors after the fall of the Taliban. — The Washington Post

For complete article by The Washington Post’s reporter, Colum Lynch:


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Forum posts

  • If you look you’ll find that Helseth is now in a business relationship with an Australian company PROFESSIONAL SERVICE SOLUTIONS (PSS) owned by Craig Coleman operating in Afghanistan. PSS was contracted by Helseth to UNOPS during 2003-2006 period......

    • I have said this before that the Australians, Kiwis and Canadians were together at this. Together with Helseth they stole Millions of election money (CASH) in Afghanistan. This matter should be looked into and all these thieves should be brought to justice. All those who worked for the UNOPS Election team in 2004, 2005 should be investigated.
      Her are are few of them:
      Raphael Robillardo (French) Election Bamyan
      Ian Gough (English) Election Herat
      Jonathan Prien (Australian) Election Chghcheran
      The rest will posted later
      Most those who worked in Afghanistan for election are now on vacation spending the stolen money.

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