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Discrimination against the Hazara: Hazara with high-grade, Unsuccessful; Pashtun with low-grade, Successful

Sunday 8 April 2018

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Kabul Press:
Data retrieved from the official website of Education Ministry of Afghanistan show the Hazara with high-grade in entrance exam of Afghanistan National Police Academy and Marshal Fahim National Defense University are unsuccessful and Pashtuns with low-grade are successful.
In one example of the results posted on the official website of the ministry, a Hazara from Daykundi has grade 248.8476 and marked as unsuccessful, while a Pashtun from Laghman with grade 130.4031 is successful. By looking at the data, we could find thousands of such example. Another example shows a Hazara candidate with grade 214.8397 is unsuccessful, and a Pashtun with grade 133.8069 is successful.

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