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U.S. Deal with Terrorist Increases Attacks on Civilians

Kamran Mir Hazar
Sunday 18 August 2019

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Kabul Press?: While Pashtun representative of the U.S. Government is dealing peace with Pashtun Taliban, bloody attacks on civilians is increasing. In a more recent example, last night, terrorists attacked a wedding ceremony in Kabul and killed at least 98 innocent people including women and children. Over 182 were also injured. While Zalmay Khalilzad is dealing with terrorists in their common language, another Pashtun politician, so-called president Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai is releasing the rest of the captured terrorists.
Since 1993, and after great genocides of non-Pashtuns, and stabilization of Pashtun totalitarianism this country has never seen peace. That is why many non-Pashtun experts say a federal system or partitions is a long term solution to over one century conflict in so-called country Afghanistan.
Many non-Pashtuns say they want their Khorasan, Hazaristan, and Turkestan back.

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