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Kabulpress.org website banned by Iranian government

Robert Maier
Friday 1 January 2010

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Kabulpress.org has received numerous messages from contributors in Iran that it can no longer be accessed in Iran. Normally, Kabulpress.org’s pages are viewed more than 35,000 times in Iran, and Kabulpress.org is an important alternate news and information source for many Iranians.

Blocking of Kabulpress.org in Iran is likely correlated with the government’s violent attacks on pro-democracy demonstrators which have been occurring in Iran over the past week.

Kabul Press condemns this action of the Iranian government. We ask Iranian authorities to respect freedom of information and cease restriction of access to kabulpress.org. We ask all democracy and free-speech supporting people and governments around the world to condemn this and other repressive actions carried out by the Iranian government against its own citizens.

www.kabulpress.org can be reached indirectly from Iran. Readers of the Dari pages in Iran can access Kabulpress.org by following directions on this link:


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