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Mullah Omar Farman Plans to Destroy the Hazara Cultural and Historical Monument of the Buddahs of Bamiyan

Translation of the Pashto text : Ishaq Mohammadi/ Art photo by Najibullah Musafer
Friday 2 March 2012

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Mullah Omar’s Farman to Taliban – A copy of this document (written in Pushto) was secured from Taliban’s Dept of Interior Ministry after US bombing in late 2001. The document is an order/policy by Mullah Omar to the Taliban commanders.

Mullah Omar Farman – 2001

Translation of the Pashto text (courtesy: Ishaq Mohammadi)
1.Ruthless army steps by Taliban against opponent enemy groups.

2.Recovery of arms and collection of Islamic Taxes.

3.Demolition of Mughul,s (Hazaras) historic cultural heritage and remains.

4.Ban for celebrating of Jashn-e-Nouroz (a cultural festival/ new year)

5.Complete economic embargo of Hazarajat.

6.Strict army measures to disown Hazara tribes from their lands and properties forcibly.

7.Disintegration of Hazarajat gradually.

8.Elimination and arrest of communist elements.

9.Rooting out of all mysterious and opponent forces.

10.Anti Shiite propaganda campaign.

11.Assistance for Islamic Madrasas (religious schools) and religious groups.

12.Strict control and watch on women ( to out of their homes).

13.Complete recovery of Taxis from Opium production.

14.Care for transportations and oil.

15.Assistance of Akhund Zadas (Taliban) and religious Mullas.

16.Assistance and care for pro-Taliban Shiite Mullas and commander.

Attention for Kajiki, Kishki Nakhud, Kalat, Shah Joi, Maruf, Hlmand (Name of Provinces and Districts).

May be informed very quick.

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