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Dostom still a power in the north

By: Shoib Najafizada

Slap of Kabul people

to face of martial princes

Allocation discussion of Kabul press with Dr. Ramazan Bashardust Advocate of Kabul people in Afghanistan

Open and Clear Robbery

Interview of Kabul press with Dr. Ramazan Bashardust member of Afghan Parliament


By: M. Jamil Hanifi


The Strongest Terror: By Hakeem Naim

The suggestion plan of Dr.Ramazan Bashardost to take first steps toward deployment of Security

Abdali: Figure of Controversy

By: Soraab Balkhi

The political poetry in Afghanistan

Partaw Naderi

In memory of the hero Abdul Khaliq, The Martyr.


By: Soraab Balkhi

Burhanuddin Rabbani

Ahmad Khalil

Human security key to Afghan future,

aid agencies advise UN Security Council

Kirsten Zaat

Radical Islamism &Talibanism:

Tools of Pakistani Politics

By: Aimal Khan FAIZI

Can Economic Diplomacy Work?

The Worlds Greatest Opportunity is in Afghanistan!

By: Walton Cook

An Experiment in Happiness

Sarah Lake

5 photos

Conference against illiteracy in AF

Women and Girls Again at Risk

Vice and Virtue Department Could Return

Money in Afghanistan

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Democracy in Afghanistan

Wali Shaaker

Kabul Riots:

A Resounding NO to Imported Democracy?

 By S. A. Jawid Fakhri

Anti-American Riots Erupt in Kabul

After Traffic Accident

Kabul Press special photos


Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

The first Afghanistan online photo exhibition


Have Huntingtons worst fears come true?

 By: Sayed Ahmad Jawid Fakhri

Economical Development  in Afghanistan

Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Afghanistan


National Crimes Squad Arrests

Afghan suspect of War Crimes

3 Photos of Afghanistan Today

Fahim Haidari

Abdul Rahman

 Letters from Kabul Press American readers

A quick glance on Novel The Kite Runner

Author of the novel:

 Khaled Hosseini


Letters to the Editor

From Nushin Motahar


Hypocrisy and ignorance,

 not press freedom

Sohaib Umar /Karachi, Pakistan

Brazil 2006 Festival

Letters to the Editor

The Danish people

have tried to stop the cartoons

 Jens Mørch

Letters to the Editor

Danish newspaper

From Drs. J.G.A.M. Leushuis/ The Netherlands


Human rights violations in the name of religion

 By wazhma frogh


Pressure on journalists continues to grow


Iranian government should protect

and respect human lives and emotions

Sunil K Poolani

Mumbai: The recent act by the Iranian government of not allowing the children of Afghan refugess from attending school and the Iranian police's nefarious act of harassing Afghan women are highly deplorable and are is a violation of human rights.

The Afghan refugees had to flee Afghanistan due to the oppression of the Taliban and by now not supporting and protecting the honour of a refugee, the Iranian government too is acting like a fascist and fundamentalist Taliban. What is the difference between Iran and the Taliban if both of them torture and harass happless Afghanis. And it is surprising that the Iranian government, known for following the Holy Quran and the divine words of the Prophet, has been resorted to this despicable act.

As far as we Indians know, Islam is a religion of love, help and brotherhood, and any sect or government that goes against the very principles of Islam cannot claim to be the followers of Allah.It is high time that Iran, and other similar nations, started valuing and honouring the rights of a human being, of at least that of a Muslim.


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International Campaign to fight illiteracy in Afghanistan


KabulPress.org: Why not put fighting and illiteracy as a top priority in the country because when you fight with illiteracy you can fight with security problems and ensure the continued security in the country. You know that the military actions are not permanent solutions because in the future we wont have the assistance of the international community and troops in the country, so if we fight with illiteracy in the country we can ensure the security forever in the country.

Tom Koenigs, Special Representative of the Secretary-General in Afghanistan:

I certainly put capacity development in the first place of the development aid. It has been one of the main successes of the new government and the international community in their support to have so many schools built and so many classes built. I think the effort of fighting the illiteracy beyond the schools are super important. In the south quite a number of schools are attacked. One of the threats of the Taliban is to return to illiteracy and a lack of schools for girls. That is what people definitely dont want and that is why wherever a school is burnt the international community and the government try and reestablish it as soon as possible. If we look at the statistics we have on average one attack everyday on a school in Afghanistan. That shows us that we have to deal with both, the security situation and the educational situation. I agree that the role of the community in defending their school, their institutions of education is very important. This is one element of the recommendation that we, the international community, and the Afghan government should much more cooperate with the local authorities, the local Shuras, the community. So the defense against the Taliban is not only military but a multi-faceted, multi-area effort and to having a long term goal that every Afghan has a right to be able to write and to read.


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